Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family Tree

I know a lot about my Casares family tree, thanks to my father's wonderful oral story telling tradition that he learned from his father.

Also, in great part also thanks to my third cousin in Utah who is a genealogy expert and who had extensive research on our family tree. When she and I met via e-mail around nine years ago she was thrilled to find the piece of the puzzle that she was missing. She couldn't understand how the Casares came to Texas. When I explained to her that somewhere in the 1830s he'd been kidnapped by Indians from a carnival in Linares it all made sense. After that we corresponded often and she shared a lot of what she had uncovered about our family line.

Today my dad came over and we were chatting about his family. He told me something that I had never really gotten before. I think he told me when I was younger and I didn't take as much interest. This time I paid more attention and I made note. He said that my grandmother Sara Isassi never really knew her true origin. Some said she was French others said she was Swiss. One thing she did know was that her grandfather came over when the French invaded Mexico in the 1860s and that he brought his family. What she didn't know was if her grandfather was actually French.

I did question this theory because my grandmother's father's name was Trinidad Isassi. I told my father that Trinidad sounds more Spanish, but when I did a search the origin came back as Latin. So I guess they could have been French and they could have named their son Trinidad.

I'd also like to research if any of the French brought over their family, which didn't really make sense. I wondered if maybe they came over when the French settled Louisiana and then moved down to Mexico, if that's even their origin. I really won't know unless I do the study of their genealogy. That should be an interesting one to study.

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Coco said...

just stopping by to see how you and your family are doing...
(catching up with your posts)

i keep reminding myself of what you told me..."it takes time, but it does get better". and yes, i agree. mil gracias por tu apoyo, y oraciones!!

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo,