Monday, March 03, 2008

My Step-Daughter the Movie Star

I haven't blogged on here about my step-daughter and her recent accomplishments. Those of you who know my step-daughter Mandi will probably remember that she was very math and science inclined in middle school, back when she lived with us. She was even accepted into the HISD summer program at Kinkaid that emphasizes their studies on math and science.

She just graduated from high school in New Orleans this past year. Imagine our surprise when she told us recently that she had been cast as an extra in several movies being filmed in the New Orleans area.

A couple of weeks ago we watched her in the background in around three scenes on the Lifetime TV movie, Racing for Time. It was very exciting, especially for my six year old daughter to see her big sister on TV.

Then last week we found out that she has been cast as a plus size model with K.A.B. Modeling agency in New Orleans. She had her first big event introducing the new models last week. We are very happy for her and glad that she's finding her niche. She's busy this week filming another movie. Baby you're a STAR!


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

That is awesome!


ShoeGirl Corner said...

I'm waiting on pictures from her!