Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calling all Alisa Valdes Rodriguez Fans

Alisa Valdes Rodriguez is taking a very creative marketing approach to promote her new book, Dirty Girls On Top. Okay, I know how that title sounds, but really, it's the sequel to her first book that took the chick lit genre by a storm a few years ago, Dirty Girls Social Club. Okay let me try again!

Seriously, Alisa Valdes Rodriguez started a movement of a chica lit genre. It was a genre that the literary world had never realized existed. It was a whole new audience that I don't think the publishing world even thought about.

I think about my mom, who spoke more Spanish than English, yet read in English voraciously. She loved Eleanor Hibbert's Victoria Holt novels and she and my sisters read almost the whole collection, including other books by the same author under the pen names of Philippa Carr and Jean Plaidy.

The reason I think about my mom is that my mom loved reading and she passed that on to me. So many Hispanic women love to read. If my mom were alive today she would be so thrilled to read novels by Latina women about other Latina women. She would have been so excited to read the novels by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez.

Which brings me back to Alisa's ingenious idea. She knows her audience and she knows that women pass books on to other women. So if you're an Alisa Valdes Rodriguez fan go to her website and sign up to host a book party. You only need to have 10 people there to make it a success! Do it!

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Moose said...

Cool! I am going to have to check out her books. Thank goodness for