Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update on Our Evacuee Status

Just updating those of you who may live far away and are wondering how we're doing. We are fine and Houston got minimal damage. Our electricity is out, however. Our front door neighbor called today to tell us the house was fine but that the electricity is out. The tree in our front yard didn't fall on the house. My sisters are fine and they do have electricity. I'm sure they are glad now that they stayed home.

Glad to hear we didn't do too bad. I am worried about when we'll get hooked up again because I need to go to NYC for business on Wednesday. I just hope we get everything hooked up in the next couple of days because the kids are staying with the sitter and then with my mother in law at our house Friday-Sunday. Which reminds me, I need to call the baby sitter. She was going to stay and ride it out too.

We're trying to decide when to go home. The officials are trying to get us all to stay because the highways are already gridlocked with people trying to get home. Rey was looking at what back highways we can take to get there faster.

Good update of what is happening locally at

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