Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Now Rita

This is nuts! I can't believe we are all getting ready for another hurricane and this time it's projected to hit Galveston which is only 45 minutes from us! The crazy part about it is that everyone is evacuating. I've never known of us evacuating for any hurricane and we've had our share come through here. The thing is that everyone is panicking because of what Katrina did. So far they are saying that this hurricane has gone to a Category 4 a lot earlier than Katrina did so it could be a 5 when it hits. Great!

I hate thinking that everyone is over-reacting and then if something happens I wasn't prepared. It's such a catch 22. What do you do in a case like this? We have a second story where we could go if it flooded but Rey is worried that the old tree in our front yard will come crashing down on our house. So reluctantly we're going to San Antonio for the weekend. I don't want to go but... we have two small children. I'm packing all my favorite clothes and all our photo albums. I can't take everything so we can only take the most important things. My laptop will be up front with me. My novel is in there!

Funny how when pressed to think of what you need to take with you all you can think of is your kids, clothes, photos, and any really important things like your computers. I can't take anything else with me. I can't take my furniture, my dishes, or anything else material. Doesn't that put life in perspective?

Then there's the preparation to come back! We'll have to bring plenty of drinking water back with us in case we can't drink the water. And a lamp and candles in case we don't have electricity!

What really really sucks is that Rey and I are supposed to leave to New York on Wednesday. I was using this weekend to pack and prepare. I'll just have to wash today and tomorrow and pack for NY too. I just thought of something else! I hope my mother-in-law can still stay with the kids considering she's taking off today, tomorrow, and Friday. YIKES! This hurricane is a huge inconvenience!

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