Sunday, September 04, 2005

Procrastinator Is My Middle Name

Okay, so I'm a procrastinator. No, I'm a terrible procrastinator. I take forever to do simple things. I can't to multiple things in one day because one event seems to take up the whole day.

Like today, I have been so delinquent in getting the kids' passport photos taken. I wanted to get them passports before the cruise but now we're only 6 weeks away and we probably won't get our passports back in time. Mine is also expired. I can't believe it's been 11 years since I renewed the last time! Anyway, I haven't done that and the whole day flew by and I feel guilty.

My step-daughter decided to pay us a surprise visit from Louisiana. Her house got a few feet of water in it, miraculously her grandmother's bar and house weren't affected. So her mom is looking at renting an apartment while they work on her house and she still has a job at her mom's bar.

She drove in yesterday and she and her boyfriend and his brother have been here visiting with us. They're playing pool right now. Rey is doing laundry and I should be putting up clothes that I was allowing to stack up in my room. But instead I'm writing here. If I wasn't writing I'd be reading.

I just started reading the Star Wars Trilogy. The first one from the seventies and eighties, or parts IV, V, and VI in other words. I've read it before, after watching those three movies, but now after seeing parts I, II, and III I'm reading it with a totally different point of view.

Watching Part III brought all six parts together. I almost started crying when Padme is giving birth to the twins because of course I already knew what was going to happen. The funny thing is, we all know what's going to happen if we saw Parts IV, V, and IV, but yet we didn't know exactly how it happened. We don't know how Anakin becomes Darth Vader or what exactly happened to Luke and Leia's mother.

So reading Part I now, after seeing all six movies, I feel very different when I'm reading the part at the beginning when Darth Vader captures Princess Leia's ship. I feel different when Luke is looking at thehologramm of Leia and he says she's so beautiful. He feels a connection to her even then!

I also love reading books after watching a movie because I enjoy the book so much more and I can picture the characters more vividly. Whenever I really like a movie I often read the book too.

One more thing! I walked 5 days in a row this week!! I'm so proud of myself.

Andiamo! It's late, I need to finish up my chores and get the kids ready for bed. Good night!

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