Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Beach

One more thing. We went to the beach on Labor Day. I should have known the kids would take to it as if they'd done it their whole life. We live 45 min from Galveston and we have never taken Miranda in 4 years.

The hilarious part is Rey and I will have been together 10 years in January and this was the very first time we went to the beach. (okay walking on Miami beach in dress clothes when we were trying to connect to Madrid and we had a layover does not count.)

Rey and Miranda made a sand castle while I walked on the beach with Seth. Then we came back and Miranda and I got in the water while Rey and Seth played in the sand. Finally we all go in the water together and jumped waves. It was a lot of fun despite the nasty water and the dead fish on the beach close to where we were. YUCK! Galveston! At least now the kids will know the difference when we go to Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel on our cruise.

After we got out of the water we took a walk on the beach so we could dry off. Then it was McDonald's before we drove back home.

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