Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday morning. I didn't get up early to write as planned. The baby woke me up with his crying so I got up, made a bottle, hit the start button on the coffee maker and turned on my laptop. I decided to work on my blog and it wasn't long before Miranda was up too and so was Rey and now they're watching cartoons in the living room.

Seth is running around reeking havoc. He just pulled a stick out of the trash that I took away from his yesterday and he poked me with it. Then he went and stuck Rey with it and Rey took it away. Before that he found the umbrella my mother-in-law forgot here yesterday and he went and dipped it in the toilet because I forgot the restroom door open! Ay a yay!!!

Well on a good note the house is relatively clean. As clean as it's gonna get, at least until Alice comes to clean on Wednesday. The only thing left to do is laundry and that's such a pain in the butt! I need to get my butt up to do it in a few minutes so that's done before we go to our Sunday meeting. I need to wash the outfit I want to wear tomorrow for my San Antonio sales calls.

So here I go. Another week another dollar. My father-in-law asked me yesterday how many chapters do I have left so far on my book. I told him same as last time he asked me. He said he's going to start calling me at 5:30 a.m. to wake me up so I can write. I told him to tell me when he calls me, "The longer it takes you to write this book, the longer you will have to work for Corporate America!" Ha ha!

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