Thursday, September 01, 2005


My husband Rey finally got through to his ex wife today and found out that his daughter is alive and well. She couldn't talk very long but that's all he needed to hear.

Day 3 of walking and it kicked my butt good today. Both kids were asleep so I was pushing my 80 lb weight around on the hilly walk. The park where I walk has a lot of hills because it's alongside a bayou so I get quite a workout, especially if both kids are in the double stroller. I can literally feel the workout in my legs just walking and pushing. I can feel it in my back too.

Thank goodness for the double stroller too! Rey said I didn't need it and here I am still using it when Seth is 1 and Miranda is 4.

I'm going back to the park tomorrow because I promised a friend of mine that I'd meet her there. I hope she makes it. I like walking with friends but I also like walking alone. Like today with the kids asleep. It gives me a chance to think, plot, and clear my head.

All of this Hurricane Katrina news is so terribly sad. It's heartbreaking sad. I can't even stand to watch some of the news. Everything about it is sad. From how it could have been avoided, like so many disasters in this country, to how unprepared they were, to how slow they've been at getting people out of there. I wish we were millionaires so we could just fly wherever my step-daughter is and fly her out of there.

I'm almost finished reading Amy Tan's book, The Opposite of Faith. Although most of the book has been really good I'm finding the end really tedious to get through. I started thinking that maybe it was just this one chapter and I'm going to skip it and go on to the next. Reading the book made me want to read her second book, The Kitchen God's Wife, which I never read, so I ordered it from Amazon along with one of her children's books for the kids. It also made me want to see the movie again because Tan and her mother are extras in the movie. Too funny! I didn't know that the first time I saw it so now I need to see it again to see if I can catch it. My mom loved that movie.

Work is there. It's tolerable. I was talking to a mentor recently who I hadn't spoken to in a long time because we don't work together. I told her about my blog and she asked me if I ever wrote about work. I told her I don't, because for the most part I don't. I don't give y'all any details about the stuff I go through. She reminded me that a woman was recently fired from her company for blogging about work. Others have been fired for blogging at work too.

Isn't that too hilarious? I can understand those that are fired for blogging while they should be working but what if they blog during lunch? And what about having an opinion? Where has our freedom of speech gone? What is happening to the country? First they are taking away our freedom of speech, the press has lost their freedom, and next we'll lose other freedoms, like freedom of religion.

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