Sunday, July 02, 2006

To Mama and Hilda- July 2, 2006

I remember
Avon visits that would never end
Playing with the magnets on
Strangers' refrigerators
Tiny lipstick samples
In little white tubes

I remember
You sleeping in late
Because you worked
Helping bring babies
Into the world
That's how I fell off
The second story
Because you were sleeping
And I shouldn't have been
Climbing the porch rails
You told me were rotten

I remember
Driving to Mexico
With you
Long visits
To family friends
Walks around
La Plazita
Of your home town

I remember your new cars
Driving fast
Your many apartments
And your cold cold bedroom
Where you would cuddle
Under the blanket
With the a/c on high

I remember your sad eyes
When we knew our days together
Were numbered
And not wanting them to end
Because I loved you so much

I remember the last day
We were together
Your shallow breathing
And my disbelief
That you were really
Not going to get better

Me not facing reality
That we lose the ones we love
That we have to say goodbye

I remember you both

By: Loida Casares Ruiz


Coco said...

Your poems are precious and heartfelt...

Gracias por compartir tus pensamientos y sentimientos con nosotros.

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Thank you Coco!

Suvii said...

Wow! What a moving and beautiful poem! Very touching....

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Thanks Guero and thanks Suvii. I really felt it too when I was writing it. Guero, I checked out your new site. Very nice.