Saturday, July 08, 2006

Panties & World Cup

What is up with people (probably men-sorry guys but that's my guess) searching for the word "panties?"

I have Sitemeter and it shows me how someone was referred to my site. For example, if they did a google search for my name or Shoegirl Corner they got to my site.

Before you get worried that I know when you're reading my blog, don't worry. It's not that detailed. I don't have anything sophisticated like that. All mine tells me is how many visits I receive in a day, what city they are from, and if they came in from a search engine it tells me what word they were searching for.

That leads me to the fact that about FOUR people have searched for the word "panties" in the last few days and have come up with my last entry with "panties" in the title. Isn't that hilarious? It makes me wonder what that person was really looking for. Hmmm....

Tomorrow's game. I'm rooting for Italy of course. Not only is that team gorgeous (the Portuguese team wasn't too bad looking either). It's also because I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Italy. If I ever came into a lot of money I would buy an apartment there.

I also speak Italian. Not fluently, but I can get by. Or as one Italian told me once, "You can defend yourself." I hope so! I took 3 1/2 years of Italian in college. That's one thing I'd like to do after I finish my novel. I'd like to take a refresher advanced course at the Italian Cultural Center.

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Anonymous said...

too too funny...but it doesn't surprise me. remember when wayne warned me about walking up the jetbridge ladder? i said.."but they can't see anything...only panties"...and he looked at me like i was a fool....and said..."that's all they want to's enough". HILARIOUS!