Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dixie Chicks Album Review

I must admit I was never a Dixie Chicks fan and I never paid much attention to them until after the big controversy. Then I heard that their new album, "Taking the Long Way," was really good. And since they were losing so many fans I figured I might as well check them out and take the place of some of those that left them. Apparently a lot of people thought the same thing and I think they've been doing really well. Well I love their album. They have beautiful voices and a tune that I really enjoy. It's a music genre that I'm just now starting to really like in my older age. Kind of like Lori McKenna. They aren't totally country, kind of like more of a folksy sound. It's very unique like Lori McKenna.

I especially love song #4, "Everybody Knows." I love these lines in the chorus, "Steppin' out-Everyone can see my face. All the things I can't erase. From my life. Everybody knows. Standing out. So you won't forget my name. That's the way we play the game. Of life. Everybody knows."

Isn't that poetry?

Speaking of, I'm doing some last minute editing for tonight's reading.

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