Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Kiddos

OK, I guess they do make cute clothes for boys. Check out this cute outfit and shoes on him in this picture they took last Spring. Both outfits they are wearing are from The Children's Place.


Coco said...

Ahhh, que chulos!!
They're beautiful!! (the children)

And yes, they do make cute clothes for boys. Actually, they're alot nicer now, than in the 60's or even 70's!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture...love the background and your children came out beautiful.

Anonymous said...

tooooo cute!!

Suvii said...


Your kiddos are absolutely beautiful!! They look soooo adorable in their nice outfits! Too cute!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Thanks! I always hesitate putting them on here when there are so many crazies out there. But then I remember something someone said about not letting fear paralyze us. We want to be cautious but we can't let it hold us back from living.

Karla said...

Awww que lindos.

Your children are beautiful! thank you for sharing those with us.

My sister love to shop at the children's place for my nephews. There and Gap

Anonymous said...

The kids are beautiful. Guess what! I bought the same exact dress for Elizabeth --isn't that just too funny!