Friday, July 14, 2006

Random Silly Stuff

The "panty" searches continue. I keep getting people to my site searching for that word. There was even someone who searched twice for the word "panties" from a government office! Yeah, the domain was! They better stop or they will not be working for the State too much longer.

I am SOOOO annoyed. Remember those super cool shoes that I just bought? The ones that have the criss cross front, wedge, and have a strap around the ankle? WELL, I lost the strap off of one of them. YES! I can not find it any where! I wore them one day and I put them in my closet and when I took them out to wear them to work on Thursday one of the straps was missing. I looked for it every where. I took all my shoes out of the closet and looked for it there, under the bed, under the dressers, and I didn't find it any where. I'm just in tears over it. I was supposed to wear them tomorrow to the convention I'm attending with the cool paisley dress with brown at the waist. Now I have to wear another pair, but it just won't look the same.

In all seriousness regarding site meter. I love seeing where readers are coming from and how long they stay on my site. Thank you all for reading! I wish more of you would comment. Let me know you stopped by!

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Anonymous said...

Hey maybe it was the govt checking to see if you were a perv website. Becky