Saturday, July 01, 2006

For Sophie

I wrote this poem a long time ago after I visited Salamanca for the first time with my friend Sophie. She has since married her Spanish sweetheart and lives very close to Salamanca. I've been thinking of her lately so here's a poem to her and her beautiful city.

To Salamanca- 8/2/95

City with the old cathedral
Of pale sandstone
Yellow against the pink sky
As the sun hides
The big nests and storks
Cradled on Top
Like a fine balancing act

You with the scary hand knockers
On the doors
Old Roman Bridge
Leading to Santa Maria
University fachada
Hiding a frog

You with the Plaza Mayor
And the grinning faces
Of the famous dead on the walls
Laughing at the lovers
Kissing under the clock
Striking 5 a.m.

You are my city
My rare jewel
In the middle of a big country

Shining like a star
Begging us to return

By Loida Casares

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