Friday, December 30, 2005

What I Really Want to Say

It's so sad that when I blog I don't feel like I say what I really want to say for various reasons. First one is the need to be politically correct. I don't want to offend anyone. Then there's the not so new news that employers are now reading people's private blogs and people are being fired over what they write.

Sometimes when I say I wish I could write full time for a living I fear that this will come back and bite me in the butt and hurt me professionally. I fear that anyone like my boss or a co-worker or colleague who happens upon my blog will think (or know) that I would rather be writing full time instead of working in Corporate America and then they either won't take me seriously at work or they won't hire me for a position.

The truth is that even if I publish my book and become very successful I will have to continue working for Corporate America for the stability and the insurance. That's just reality of the day and age we live in. I have two small children and can't afford to live without insurance.

Which reminds me of something else that is senseless. Now this I will say something about. We received a letter at work alerting us that our insurance would increase in 2006. Well not only is it increasing, it's going to DOUBLE! Yes double. And the best part about it is that those that make the least in the company will not receive such a large increase. Their increase will be very small in comparison. So in other words, the more money you make the more you have to pay for insurance.

Then when I ask Rey to tell me again how much is his company's insurance for full coverage for the 4 of us and he tells me it's still double the amount I'm paying with my increase. In other words, in 2005 I used to pay per month what Rey's insurance costs per week. Isn't that just INSANE?!

Well speaking of insurance some more, Rey had to have knee surgery today and he's going to be home for two weeks. I wish I could stay home that long! Seriously, he had some damage inside his knee and they straightened it out today and he should be good as new in a couple of weeks.

Sisters are getting pedicures and then they're coming over to cook a turkey and stuffing. Yum! Baby is napping so I'm going to write for a little bit.

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