Monday, December 26, 2005

Day Off

It's Monday but it's a holiday for many of us worker folk since yesterday was Christmas. For me it's a great extra day off. My sister asked me yesterday, "Please tell me you have tomorrow off." She said this because she thinks it's hilarious how the newspaper only gives us the really major holidays off and we don't have the Friday after Thanksgiving off either. I remind her that a newspaper runs 24 hours a day.

I've been up since 7:30 again, courtesy of my wonderful son. I took him upstairs to my writing room and turned on cartoons for him on the TV up there. I always forget I have a TV up there.

He watched TV and played for a while and let me write around 700 words. I pretty much finished the chapter I've been working on the last week and now I only have 2 chapters to finish. I already started those chapters so I don't need much more to finish them.

It feels good! I just can't believe that it takes me this long to get going and when I do make it a point to write diligently every day I love how it feels. That's when I wish I could write every day. I do write every day, just not necessarily my novel.

Short week this week. I work Tuesday and Wednesday then I'm off Thursday and Friday. I've decided to write the entire day on Thursday. I'm taking the kids to the sitter so I can work and I'm going to pretend for one day like I'm a writer who works at home.

I hope there aren't too many people at the movies today. I'm going to see The Family Stone at 1:45 with a friend Alice. My friend who also cleans my house.

Speaking of cleaning my house. She couldn't come last week because she had to have some outpatient work done so my house is a MESS! It's crazy. I haven't really had time to clean since I've been doing laundry too. Too crazy! How did our mothers do it? Oh yeah, they didn't work when their kids were this small. Yeah, right!

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