Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pantyhose Lesson

“OK, sit down. First you bunch up the foot like this and place it over one foot. Now do the other foot. Okay, now pull them half way up your legs and stand up. Pull the panty hose up and then bend over and grab some of the loose part on your leg and pull it up gently. Gently, because you don’t want to tear the hose.”

“I did it Mommy!”

“Now you know how to put on panty hose. You’ll never forget this will you?”

“No, I’ll remember.”

She thinks I’m asking her if she’ll remember how to properly put on panty hose but what I’m really asking her is if she’ll ever forget the first day her mom showed her how to properly put on panty hose. She doesn’t realize she’s just crossed a little rite of passage for a little girl and her mom, even if these aren't really pantyhose, but only pink ballet tights.

She wants to start calling me “Mom.” “No!” I reply. I know she can call me whatever she wants and I know that inevitably I’ll become Mom but for now I love being Mami or Mommy.


“I don’t like Mom. I like Mami, like I used to call my mother.”

She looks puzzled but she doesn’t question me. She kisses me passionately on the cheek instead. My little passionate girl, so full of emotions and questions.

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Priscilla said...

Ohhhh, what a special Mami hija moment, que bueno! This story makes me miss my Mami so much...I live in NC and she lives in CA, and I won't see her for Christmas..waaahhhhh! Ok..sorry for my temporary loss of sanity--lol! You are a wonderful Mami!