Monday, December 19, 2005

Take Cover! It's going to storm today

This morning I woke up at 5:20 a.m. The reason I woke up so early was because I heard the sound of my door opening or closing. I wasn't sure which one it was. I heard the beep beep and then nothing. I turned and looked at the clock because I knew Rey had left the bed a lot earlier and I saw that it was 5:20. He goes in at 5 so I panicked. I sprang out of bed, grabbed the phone, and locked my bedroom door. (Yes, the children were in the room with me.) I quickly dialed Rey's number and he answered with a concerned note in his voice, hearing from me so early.

"Did you just leave?"
"You scared me to death!"
Laughing, "WHY?"
"Well I heard the door chime and when I looked at the time and saw how late it was I didn't think it was you. Or I thought that maybe you forgot to set the alarm and someone had opened our garage door if it was unlocked."
"OK, be careful. I love you."

Then I went to use the restroom and I thought, "I'm wide awake. There's no reason why I shouldn't put on a pot of coffee and do some writing." So I did!

I wrote for an hour and now I need to get dressed for work and ready to go so I can get there 1/2 and hour early to leave early. I'm trying to work 8:30-5:30 on Mondays so I can make it to our book study at 6:30.

I'm trying to decide between 2 chapters for my reading next month. This is what I love about reading in public. It puts the fire under me to write and gets me up at ungodly hours like this one.

I noticed they don't give us the option to fix the time on here any more and the time runs an hour early I think, or is it an hour later? Whichever it is, it's almost 7 and I need to get dressed for work. Have a great day!

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Sangroncito said...

Reading and writing...two of the best passions in the world.
Have a great week, Shoegirl! Hugs, Sango