Friday, December 09, 2005

BlackBerry and Girly Things

I love technology! I really do! I never thought I would be a techie kind of person but I have come to love gadgets, well most gadgets.

I loved my IPAQ but was never too crazy about my PalmOne. I just never took to the PalmOne much and I could never get synched right. Getting synched with my work computer is another crazy nightmare I don't even want to get into. It has been so difficult to get my IPAQ and/or PalmOne synched. I have high hopes for my BlackBerry.

When my PalmOne decided to start giving me problems and stopped synching to my work computer and then my phone broke, I decided it was time to combine the two. I hate carrying a phone and PDA to meetings. I went out and bought the new BlackBerry 7105. I LOVE IT!!! So far I can navigate through it pretty easily.

I love that I have Instant Messenger on it! That is too cool! So Sophie, you can IM me from Spain any time! Work may have firewalled our Yahoo Instant Messenger but now it's on my phone!

Monday the IT guy at work is going to install the software and is going to synch me to my work e-mail. I can wait!! Then we'll see if I still love my BlackBerry.

Of course I've had at least 2 people tell me they hope BlackBerry doesn't go out of business with all this lawsuit stuff. In answer to that I said, "It will all work out. Remember Two Pesos and Taco Cabana?" They were in a lawsuit because Taco Cabana said that Two Pesos had stolen their whole concept. TC won and all the Two Pesos became TCs. We didn't lose anything! What about HP buying Compaq? That worked out pretty well too. So I have faith that we'll be OK.

Today during lunch I did something really girly. I went to Bath & Body Works and I bought some more 'Grin and Bare It' body lotion. Great stuff! It has a wonderful lemony smell to it and it's not too creamy or wet. It dries right away. Also, I bought some body wash, mint lip gloss and the hand wash was on sale, 3 for $10. Then I went next door to the Children's Place to buy Seth a winter hat to match the super cute coat I bought him last week and I bought Miranda a sweatshirt and sweat pants.

OK I'm going to go take a bath with my new yummy smelling body wash now and I'll let y'all know how it smells.

Good night!

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ShoeGirl Corner said...

I should have said shower! I grew up speaking spanish and we never had a word for shower in my home, we just said un bano (can't figure out how to do the ~ over my N) for both shower and bath. I really meant I was going to take a shower. I know what you mean about tech stuff. I just now became addicted recently.