Friday, December 23, 2005

A Parent Moment

I had one of those moments Wednesday that people tell you you'll have but you are still shocked when it happens to you.

My 4 year old told me she had "something" to show me and then closed the door to my Circa 1930 art deco wardrobe. She had decided to scratch all kinds of markings into the door of my wardrobe with a pen. I was mortified. All I could do was scream and point. Rey came running and he was equally shocked. When we asked her why she had done this she couldn't offer any reasonable explanation except for some crazy story about playing with her dollies.

I swear! I could not even believe this was happening to me. Later after she was punished and sent to bed early and later I went and laid down next to her. Whenever we discipline her she wants to know if we still love her. I told her that I love her but that I was very disappointed in what she had done. She told me innocently, "But I didn't do anything to the sides."

Yes thank goodness you didn't baby. At least it's only the door that we'll have to get redone. Isn't parenting fun!?

The next morning she's watching Noggin, or one of those kids' channels, and she's singing along to this song. She's singing it with such passion and well after the song ended on the television. I could tell she could relate to the words.

"We're not perfect, but we got what we got!" she sang at the top of her lungs as I strapped her into her booster seat in the SUV to go to the babysitter's.

"None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes," and I kiss her on the forehead before closing the door.

I called a woman I know who specializes in antiques and she asked me to call her back and she'll give me the names of about 3 or 4 people who specialize in re-finishing antiques. We got this piece for such a bargain and now we'll have to pay what we probably should have paid for it originally.

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