Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vacaton's All I Really Wanted

It’s JUNE! Officially summer soon on June 21. Today my step-daughter Mandi turns 16 and my niece Hannah turns 16 at the end of the month, on the 26th.

Sixteen! Do you remember sweet sixteen? Sixteen had to have been the best year of my life. Honestly, all of high school, fourteen-eighteen, were great years. Years I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe giving myself a little more self esteem. That’s all of us I’m sure. We all say the same adage, “If I knew then what I know now.” It’s true. I had a great life and I was enjoying every bit of it when I was there but now that I look back I realize even more so how great that time was and I wish I had appreciated it more.

I’m on vacation for a couple of days and so far I have had a fabulous vacation. For one, as funny as this sounds, we cleaned the house and we did laundry. That makes me feel like one big weight is off my shoulders.

Yesterday we spent some good quality time with my friends who are visiting from Spain and even with Rey’s parents. They came by too and brought the grandkids. We had 4 kids ages 2.5-4 running all over the house and the back yard and 2 one-year old toddlers crawling around and getting into everything. My friend and I kept laughing at the fact that we now have children. So weird.

OK, It’s Tuesday and I’m off to hang out with them for a few hours. We haven’t decided yet if it’ll be the Children’s Museum or the Body Museum as Miranda calls it. http://www.mhms.org/ It’s really the Museum of Health and Medical Science. Or maybe just hanging around downtown and taking the train. More later.

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