Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Settle In! You're Here to Stay

ARGHHH!!! I’ve been at a new office for the past month having to get used to new people and their habits. Right now I think I’m going to pull my hair out!! Sometimes I play music off of Launchcast and I try to keep it as low as possible so I don’t bother others around me. The woman who sits on the other side of the wall from me doesn’t have the same idea I do. She listens to either Christian music in Spanish or like right now, to a talk show in Spanish. The woman on the show has the most irritating voice!

When I hear this and I think about staying here I hope that I’ve made the right decision. I was debating leaving here, well interviewing for another position, but now I’ve decided to stay. My new position will be as a Hispanic Sales Specialist (or a specialized account executive) who sells to the major accounts that have been running in La Voz for a while now. I’ll also pursue new business from advertisers who have never advertised in the Chronicle but who are interested in reaching the Hispanic market. It should be interesting.

The other job I was interested in is in our Online. That’s a great area because there is so much potential and growth. I am still interested in moving there but maybe in the future.

I just bought Amy Tan’s newest book, “The Opposite of Fate.” I think it’s her first work of non-fiction. It’s supposed to be really good. I’ll give you all a book review when I’m finished.

Something to ponder on. Story in the Houston Chronicle today on stem cell research.

This is the part that amazes me. To think that a woman can grow an embryo in her uterus and nourish it, feed it, give it her blood, so the baby in essence does become a part of her, but at the same time all the DNA comes from someone else. I am always in awe of technology and creation!

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