Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Room of My Own Again

I've said this before. Virginia Woolf said, “"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction."

I got my writing space back. I used our upstairs guest room for writing for a very short time and then ended up moving back downstairs to the kitchen. Now that I’ve been walking more and having less time to write I decided I needed that room again since Rey isn’t using it as a game room anymore either.

I had the room cleaned up Friday and today I used it for the first time while Rey watched the kids for a while. I worked on my novel for a little while and did some other research.

I love my room. I’ve always wanted an attic bedroom. I especially fell in love with the attic bedroom when I saw “Sixteen Candles” for the first time. What teenager didn’t love Molly Ringwald’s attic bedroom with the sloped ceiling and her own private telephone line? After watching that movie I would ask my parents why we didn’t build up and build an attic bedroom. My mother would always tease me about that and say, “Loida wants an attic bedroom.”

I think that’s the reason I wanted this house. When I walked upstairs and found not one, but TWO attic bedrooms, I fell in love. We haven’t really used the upstairs bedrooms and they really need to be renovated. We still haven’t done anything with them in three years!

Part of the reason why is because we aren’t really in a hurry. We were planning on using one bedroom for Miranda when she’s old enough to sleep up there by herself and the other room as a family room. This year I finally convinced Rey that we need to move upstairs. Now we’re planning on making both bedrooms one big master bedroom for us. We may even have room to add a small water closet, with at least a toilet and sink. I’ll get my attic bedroom yet!

But for now the attic bedroom will act as my escape or my room away from the family. The baby couldn’t go upstairs and Rey didn’t let Miranda go up while I was up there writing.

I’m glad my computer is a laptop because I can bring it downstairs to write down here when I need to too. Like right now the baby is in his walker playing and I’m watching him while writing. I’ve become really good at writing while the kids are around. I was reading, in Book Magazine I think, about a woman who wrote her novel while her newborn sat in a swing next to her. Isn’t it amazing how women can multitask to that point?

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