Sunday, May 08, 2005

Rainy Day

What a rainy dreary day! I tried to go walking with Miranda in the stroller when the baby went down for his nap but we only made it once around the block and it started raining. I needed the walk to not just for the exercise but to also clear my head. I had one of the most emotionally draining weeks at work this past week that I can’t get into now. I’ll tell y’all more individually or I’ll post about it later when it’s all resolved. I hope it gets resolved this week. Let’s just say I’m changing positions in the next couple of weeks.

When I couldn’t go walking today because of the rain I sat out on my small porch and read my book. It was a nice little escape. I love reading or napping when it rains. It was a light rain too so it was nice and it’s cool outside. I love the sound and the smell of the rain. The cool air made it extra nice because it’s been getting warm lately.

I’m reading Alisa Valdes Rodriguez’s last book, Playing With Boys. I really liked The Dirty Girls Social Club but I’m just now reading her second book. It just blows me away that she sold that book for as much as she did. She has an interesting blog too- She’s pretty out there- eccentric, outspoken, dramatic, but I like reading her writing. I think she intrigues me more than anything because she’s done so well for herself and I do enjoy her writing for fun reading, not serious thinking reading.

This weather is so dreary and it makes me tired but at the same time I want to finish my book. I always do this. I race to finish a book because I want to see how it ends but then when I’m finished I wish I was still reading it. I think that’s why people like soap operas so much, because it’s a never ending novel.

I wish I could tell you all what happened this week. I wish I could share my true thoughts and feelings about Corporate America but I’ve learned that I have to be careful about what I write about as much as I want to say the truth.

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