Saturday, May 21, 2005

How Women are Influenced by Their Mother's Relationship with Food

I finally found it. I heard about this book a while back, probably when Miranda was just born but when I looked for it I found out it was out of print. Then sometimes when I listen to NPR and I hear that Powell Books is a sponsor I think of this book, but I forget to check it out. Powell specializes in used and out of print books.

Today something reminded me of this book again. I searched for it and I found it! “Like Mother Like Daughter How Women are Influenced by Their Mother's Relationship with Food & How to Break the Pattern.” I’m going to buy it this week and I’m going to read it. I'll tell you what I thought when I'm finished.

I need to read this book for myself, to see what I’ll uncover about my own mother and our relationship with food. but more importantly for Miranda. Some things have been happening lately with her that have me worried.

I know that the most important thing I can do with my kids is to be an example to them. I’ve been working very hard for the past month to do just that. I have been going to the park and walking on average three times per week. Sometimes I’ve walked four times in a week because I’ll walk around my neighborhood too. I also started running a little, downhill, to start building up my stamina to start running. I need to do this for myself but also for these two little people that I am influencing every day. I would never tell them not to be fat. I tell Miranda that we want to be healthy, not skinny.

I changed pediatricians because of this. A couple of months ago at Miranda’s four year check-up the doctor reminded her of the importance of drinking milk because she wanted her to be tall and slim and not short and fat. She actually said it twice! I couldn’t believe my ears. I didn’t say anything to her but I decided there and then that I do not need a doctor like that who is going to give my daughter issues. That’s my job!

Seriously, I know it’s my job to help Miranda see the importance of health and that we exercise and eat right to be healthy. That’s my challenge. It’s not just about me any more. It’s about her too. And soon Seth too. I want them growing up with exercise and sports around them. I’m going to get a badminton set because I can play that, rather than tennis and I’m going to show Miranda how to play. I’m going to teach her how to ride her bike because she can’t get the peddling down so she can ride her bike when she’s at the baby sitter’s during the day and with me on the weekend.

Right now I have a sore butt from the running. I think the pounding is hurting my butt bone. I’m sitting on a pillow to write.

I’m in my room again. I’ve been up here a good 1.5 hrs now and I’ve made very little progress on my novel. I hadn’t worked on it in so long that I had to go back and read a lot of it to get to where I need to be. It’s the weekend! My work situation is almost worked out. I will be knowing more on Monday but I should be getting everything squared away by then.

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