Monday, January 13, 2014

My Words for 2014

I spent the first few days of 2014 being introspective. I didn't want to just blurt out my words for 2014 without giving them a lot of thought. So here are my words and what they mean to me.

Necklace by Kelly Rae Roberts

Gratitude. For a while now I've really been working on practicing gratitude. When I start getting myself worked up or in a bad mood I have made a conscious effort to stop and to think about all that I have to be grateful for and I know that it's a lot. Especially in this past year when I had this amazing gift of staying home with the kids for the summer, taking them on a vacation they will not forget, and being here for them after school every day, often with dinner started.

Create. When I was thinking about my words I realized that two of them were right in front of me. One of them was Create. I bought myself a beautiful necklace designed by Kelly Rae Roberts with the word Create in the center. Everything I'm doing is about creating. I'm creating a new business and a new life for myself. I'm also being creative with my writing. I am creating art.
Dream. Dream was another word that I had already chosen without realizing it. It is engraved on a plate inside of my Origami Owl charm necklace. I chose the word dream because I have dared to dream bigger with my new business and my new independent life. I still have so many dreams to fulfill.
Passion. Because I couldn't have three words. I had to have four. When I went to look at my Vision Board on Pinterest, and how I could change it for 2014, the word passion just kept popping out at me. And I'm not just talking about romantic passion. I'm talking about passion about life. A long time ago an ad agency gave me an awesome black rubber bracelet like the Live Strong bracelet but instead it said, "Hazlo con Pasion." Awesome words to live by. Do it with passion. Do everything with passion.
There you go. Those are my four words for 2014. What are yours?

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