Sunday, January 05, 2014

Random Blog Thoughts

Warning before you continue. This blog post is a compilation of all the random thoughts that jump into my head all day long. First I used to blog and then when Facebook and Twitter came around I found another outlet for my crazy random thoughts. I realize I'm one of those people that over-shares on Facebook but I can't stop myself. I've tried to Tweet more to channel some of my random thoughts over there but I just like Facebook so much more. So my poor Facebook friends get to read all my crazy thoughts. I've warned them, "Hide me if I'm too much!" Really what I want to say is, "Don't follow me if you don't want to hear me!"

Someecard created by me.

I had a certain person tell another certain person in my family, "Loida is posting on Facebook all the time!" but then added, "Don't tell her I said that because I like reading what she says." Okay person. You've given me a backhanded compliment of sorts but I'm glad you enjoy my comments, even if they are for your own amusement.

Little do these people know all of the thoughts that run through my head all day long! Thoughts, dialogue, just stuff. When I was younger I used to worry that maybe I was a little crazy but then as I got older I realized that's who I am. (I have literally been running dialogue in my head since I was a little girl. I can remember being 8 or 9 and always making up stories and scenarios in my head.) Maybe that's why I'm a aspiring writer. Maybe all of these random thoughts will totally come in handy one day when I write the great American novel.

I've always talked way too much and I know this comes across on my Facebook posts. I remember being a little girl and getting into my cousin's car. I must have been around 11 and she was around 19. She turned and looked at me and told me right in front of my aunt and my cousins that before she started driving I needed to be quiet and she didn't want to hear me talk. She may have been a young, nervous new driver but I didn't know what that was like at the time. I just remember getting my feelings hurt really bad and being very embarrassed.

The second time my feelings were hurt like that was when I was 21 and I was doing an internship at the St. Pete Times. I've written about it before but I can't find it now to refer to it. A woman asked me, "Do you have to make a comment about everything?" I should have said, "Yes I do," but I was too young and embarrassed to reply. If she were to ask me the same question today I would tell her that yes in fact I do. That's one of the cool things about getting older. You really don't give a crap any more. Well mostly.

So I guess what I'm saying is that Facebook, Twitter and my blog are an outlet for my all my random thoughts and my talking. Sometimes I feel like good writing material gets lost on Facebook. Once I post them they go into the Facebook archives somewhere and unless I scroll back and back I will never remember all the stuff I've said.

Maybe I'm thinking more random thoughts because I just need to get back to my routine. Thank goodness the kids are going back to school on Tuesday. As hard as I've been trying to work over the vacation it was a real challenge with them at home. I felt like I should be on vacation too. It didn't help that both Christmas and New Year's Day fell right smack in the middle of the week so that meant that Tuesday and sometimes Thursday were a wash too. Well especially the Thursday after Christmas.

So once the kids are back to school on Tuesday I'm back in business full time, all day. Tuesday is
also the beginning of Spring lacrosse! Practice three days a week which in turn will force me to exercise. I have a good 4.5 months of cool weather to exercise outside and to get back in shape. Fifteen pounds! That's all I'm asking for body. I figure that if I take it in small increments it will make it more realistic and I can fool my body into letting go of that weight.

So end of random thoughts for now. I have more. I've started a Word document to record random thoughts on my phone so more will be coming your way soon. On to a productive new work week!

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