Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricanes for Sale! Yummy Hurricanes!

Wouldn't it be cool if hurricanes were just a drink? Hey! We should have made hurricanes. I'm having cranberry juice and vodka and Rey is having Wellers and Coke. We're missing out! We should have gotten the grenadine, rum, pineapple juice and more orange juice.

So far we've only had a lot of wind. Some friends have lost power. Thank goodness not us! We're just hanging and waiting for the storm to hit! I thought that I read on something like 315,000 homes are without power. Wow! That's a lot. But when I went back to look for the story I couldn't find it. Hmmmm....

One sister stayed and has my father. My other sister also stayed and is at home with her son. I need to put the kids to bed so they can get some sleep in case we have to wake them up and skedaddle out of here in a hurry. You never know with all these pecan and pine trees around us.

I worked in the yard today, clearing junk from the small porch and taking all our lawn furniture into the garage. In the process I came across 2 of my husbands baseball hats cradled together and sitting on our wooden bench. I went over to pick them up because I wondered if he had forgotten them there and a wasp flew by. Then another one. I hightailed it then! I'm scared of wasps! I told my husband when he got home from work and turns out that they built a nest INSIDE his baseball cap. How weird is that??? Weird I know. I almost got stung in the least likely place I expected to find a wasp nest. I escaped!

We've been going out periodically with the kids to watch the wind, but now it's time to put them to bed. I sure hope it's not really crazy at 2 a.m. Good night to all!

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