Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beautiful Girl & Boy

I love this picture of my daughter. My step-daughter took it at Club Libby Lu. She is such a cutie!

In all fairness to my son, here is one of him too. He is a beautiful boy!
I wrote a review of my cousin Sylvia's restaurant over at skirt! Check it out.
Why is motherhood such a crazy balancing act? Why is it so hard for me to do all the things that I'm supposed to do and more? I can barely get them bathed, fed, educated (my part), and entertained. I feel like it is so much sometimes. I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately. I need to stop and breathe. I need a trip to NYC!
I'm off to organize their school uniforms, socks, and shoes for the week. I also need to get my daughter to take a quick shower and to bed. AND I need to read to my son.

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