Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Artist and the Rope Jumper

Daughter: Mommy come to the kitchen and see what I'm doing.
Me: OK, what?
Daughter: Watch me jump rope!
Me: Can you jump with both your feet together?
Daughter: Yeah, but right now I'm jumping like this.
Me: Give me the rope. Let me show you.
Daughter: (looking at me dubiously) Uh... Ok
I jumping rope and then I hand it back to her and she's looking at me in shock.
Me: You didn't know I could jump rope?
Daughter: No. Ok.. but watch me, Ok?

Later I tell my husband.
"I'M shocked that you can jump rope."
Thanks a lot!

(can't remember how we got to this conversation)
Me: (holding up a small print of one of Diego Rivera's famous flower paintings)
Who do you think painted this?
Son: Diego Rivera
Me: Very good! Where else have you seen these flowers?
Son: (thinks but can't remember) Are they honeysuckles?
Me: No, but come here and see. (We walk to my bedroom together)
He sees the print of the nude with the calla lilies.
Son: Hey! Those are the same flowers!
Me: Yes, they are called calla lilies.
We walk around the house after this and he points at different prints.
Son: Who painted that?
Me: VanGogh
(he repeats the name)
Son: And that? (pointing at another one)
Me: Degas
(he repeats this name)
Then he goes and finds a notebook and a pen and he starts to draw.

Son: Look Mommy! I drew a stink bug and a lady bug. I'm an artist!

Daughter comes out of the kitchen and looks too.
Daughter: I think Brother is an artist and I'm a rope jumper.

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