Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's lunch time and I am halfway done with last work day before vacation. I am really looking forward to some time off to spend with the kids. As crazy as they make me, I feel like they need some mommy time after being gone for 5 days to New York. We're going to zoo one day and then to the Children's Museum another day. My dad is going with me to the zoo so that's some help, plus he loves going to the zoo.

On Thursday, since I don't do Thanksgiving, I'm going to grill some chicken fajitas and veggies. We're just going to hang out at the house and we'll be open for any friends that may want to drop by.

I'm also going to use the time off to revisit my novel, time permitting. Yes my novel. Remember that thing? I'm going to send it out to some more agents. Maybe third time is really a charm! I just need one yes!

Hope you all enjoy your time off and be safe if you're traveling anywhere far.

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