Thursday, November 22, 2007

Non-Thanksgiving Ham

We're not bar-b-qing after all. My husband's boss gave him a ham since he was giving everyone else one for Thanksgiving. So I saw no need in bar-b-qing. I'm just going to make some side dishes and we'll have that for dinner. We had a late breakfast.

So far I have been a total bum today. But that's allowed on a day off. I tired myself out at the zoo yesterday. Then I had to rush home to get ready for our book study. We had our meetings switched around just for this week.

One weird thing about yesterday. Something that really creeps me out is seeing a man all alone somewhere like the zoo, where there are a lot of children. I didn't see any kids around him and I saw him a couple of times. Creepy!

Tomorrow we'll be doing the Children's Museum and I want to get myself out there early. I'll be tiring myself out again but I love that place as much as the kids. Although I'm also considering the Health or Science museums for a change. Seth hasn't been to the Museum of Natural Science before.

I love the cold front that came through last night. Delicious!! I want to take the kids out there but Magenta's cough (she has light asthma) really flared up yesterday and especially after the zoo visit. There's so much gunk out in the air. We'll see...

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