Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm Back

Hello all! I got back today. Today was a record day for my site. I had 31 visits and 98% of the visits came in via a search for the words, "7th grade science project." I still find it hilarious that my blog comes up every time.

I went to the places I mentioned in my blog entry before I left, but I also:

So no, I can't complain. But I still want to go back for a museum weekend to go the MoMa, The Guggenheim, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I've been to Met but I need to go again. Then I will feel like I've seen everything in NYC. Do you ever really see everything? Probably not.

Good to be back home to my little chicks! They both have coughs!


Moose said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Did you see any movie stars?

Moose said...

One more thing... and I know that this might sound a little cookie... but what does New York smell like?

Priscilla said...

Hey girl,
Long time no blog!
You must have had so much fun in New York.
Hope all is well.