Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lust Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss by Kyra Davis

Maybe it's the book titles that do it. First there was Sex Murder and a Double Latte. Next came Passion, Betrayal, and Killer Highlights and then there was Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate. All wonderful titles! Now finally there is Kyra Davis' fourth Sophie Katz novel, Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss.

Sophie Katz is the creation of Kyra Davis and my favorite mystery heroine since Nancy Drew. She is smart, cute, silly, adventurous and more than a little addicted to Starbucks and chocolate. In this latest novel she is equally obsessed with a beautiful Victorian home that must be hers. But then, keeping with tradition, people start to die, Sophie finds the dead bodies, and she finds herself completely involved in a mystery.

The owner of the house is a little eccentric and has some really strange requirements in her contract, but Sophie is hell bent on getting the house. She meets an odd string of characters and the story gets even more complicated.

Kyra Davis proves once again what a talented writer she is with this fourth Sophie novel. Just know this. Sophie Katz is always the hero and somehow she always gets herself out of a sticky situation.


kyradavis said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! I always enjoy reading your blog (even when it's not about me LOL). Anyway, I'm working hard on the next book and I really hope it meets your expectations.

Moose said...

I am so glad you had introduced me to her chica and I can't wait to read the new one.