Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Really Do Love Beaver's, the Restaurant That Is

I had a really funny thing happen to me this week. I was reading Alison Cook's Chronicle blog all about Beaver's making some yummy dish with Spam and I love Beaver's. They have some of the best drinks ever!! Try the Opal Smash. So I commented that I love Beaver's.

The next day I was checking my yahoo e-mail and I thought that my message had been bounced back to me as inappropriate. I was all, "what in the world! (WITW- much cleaner than what other people use) I was cracking up and I told my husband and sister about it. I kept thinking, "That Chron, where is their mind? In the gutter?"

And I thought it was terribly funny but then I went back and decided to check my mail again and then I found out that the message had only bounced back to me because the person who is supposed to be one of the people that checks comments before they are approved apparently doesn't work there any more and that was all. I went and checked Alison's blog again and no, it was there. It was an approved comment. I laughed at myself. I think I preferred my first version of the story better. It was a lot more entertaining.

Speaking of Alison Cook, I forgot to mention in earlier posts that she went and checked out my cousin Sylvia's new restaurant on Woodway, near Voss and gave it a pretty good review. Check it out on I've been there several times and the food is really good. I haven't eaten mole in literally YEARS and she made me a believer again. Her mole chicken enchiladas are to die for!

Well it's Saturday and I'm off to my girlfriend's pool. She is so hospitable and she's letting her sister, mom and all her friends descend upon her pool with all our children. Ten children in all between all of us! It will be quite an adventure today. I'm taking the kids to give them swimming lessons. I haven't enrolled my kids in formal swimming lessons and sometimes I feel bad but then I remember the fact that I learned to swim from my sisters and I did just fine. Just another thing that this new generation of people feels is so necessary yet we did without.

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