Sunday, July 13, 2008

Updated Badge & Crazy Nightmare

I updated the link on the Good Mom/Bad Mom badge to the right of my blog because I've once again been featured on the Good Mom/Bad Mom Chronicle Blog by Jenny, the Bloggess. She highlighted my blog entry about using the tissue toilet seat covers to blot an oily face. Awesome!

Okay, how crazy am I? Last night I had a crazy nightmare that I got kidnapped by a couple pretending to be EMTs and they somehow talked me into getting into their ambulance. They whisked me off and then the woman started poking at my belly. She said she was going to steal my lap band! These psychos had kidnapped me to kill me and take my lap band.

I told her, "But you're already skinny!"

"I know! But I want to be skinnier!" she answered.

She warned me not to resist or try to escape or I was going to be covered in hot painful blisters.

When I tried to open the door to jump out she pulled out a hot poker and burned my arm! It was a crazy dream.

Finally they got me to a locker room turned operation room and were planning to take out my lap band, but I tried to outsmart them to give Rey, my husband, enough time to come and rescue me. That's all I remember or I woke up. Crazy? Probably.

When I told Rey about it this morning he said, "That's all?"

He said it sounded more like a comedy than a nightmare.


Moose said...

Cool dream!

Coco said...

i don't want to offend you...
but i agree with your husband-
it's kind of funny ; )
and it made me giggle ; )

yes, life, at times can be BUSY!

sigue bien...
un fuerte y caluroso abrazo, amiga.