Sunday, July 27, 2008

Adventures at Club Libby Lu and Modeling Gig

A couple of weekend ago my husband Rey took his three kids out for a day with dad. His eldest daughter was visiting from New Orleans. I was so surprised when I called to see how things were going and he said that he'd taken my daughter (age 7) to a place called Club Libby Lu and that she was having her hair done. Shock!

My husband doesn't believe in her painting her fingernails or doing any of those things that little girls do that makes them grow up too fast. And frankly, I agree with him. I think little girls grow up way too fast today with the media, dolls that look like pouty teenagers, etc. But he thought that he would make an exception this once and I think he was really glad he did, to see the excitement on her face that I'm sure was priceless.

My step-daughter took some fabulous pictures of her, including a couple of close-ups of her face, but I'm reluctant to post them here because I still get nervous about posting pics of my kids very often.

My little girl has been on cloud nine lately with that adventure (she's begging me to go back) and then her unexpected day of fame. (more like a week) My co-worker handles a uniform store account and they needed some Hispanic models. She asked me if I was interested in having my daughter model some of the uniforms.

So I took my daughter in and she ended up modeling a blouse and a uniform dress. One of her photos was on the cover and the other was on the inside. I told a bunch of my friends about it and asked them to look out for the ad, but what was really cool was when friends who I didn't tell
saw her and recognized her. The ad was an insert in the newspaper to subscribers, in the mail in our shared mail program and directly mailed to some specific addresses. So people all over the city saw her. It dropped over two weeks so she was seen in some areas last week and then again the following week.

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