Monday, July 28, 2008

Salmonella or Dirty Butts?

Poor Mexico! Now they are going and picking on them for one tainted jalapeño they found. First it was the poor tomato farmers who got the shaft and now it's the Mexican jalapeño growers. "Ya ni saben ni que!" as my mom would have said.

If you ask me I think it's just plain dirty hands. My mom told me something that was burned into my brain when I was a little girl.

"No te comas eso sin lavarlo primero! Los hombres que tocan las frutas y los vegetales se rascan la cola cochina y luego los tocan sin lavarse las manos."

Translation: "Don't eat that fruit (or vegetable) without washing it first. The men that handle them scratch their dirty butts and then they touch the fruit," she said.

I had this picture in my mind of all these men scratching their butts and then passing the fruits and vegetables. I tell you! It was burned into my brain. So I will NEVER eat anything without washing it first.

I was having this conversation with my awesome mother-in-law today and she totally agreed. She said that she always washes her fruits and vegetables, even with soap sometimes.

We came to the same conclusion. Someone somewhere didn't wash their hands and they passed on some nasty germs that caused salmonella poisoning.

Lesson? Wash all your fruits and vegetables really well before you eat them and beware of dirty butt hands.

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