Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I'm The Opposite of Green, Whatever That Is

I bought these great Get Green grocery bags to use for shopping and I always forget to use them. I'm not very "green." One day I'll remember to take my bags with me.

Today I went grocery shopping and forgot them again. On top of that I got in the wrong line. I was distracted by the kids and I kept trying to think of what I was forgetting. I'm halfway through my groceries when the cashier informs me that I'm in the Express lane. How in the heck did that happen? I never do that! I was so embarrassed! I'm sure the people behind me in line were all talking about me and stuff.

Then to really make things even better my daughter goes and picks up the groceries of the woman behind me.

"Hey! Why are you buying this?" she asked holding up some random grocery item that I knew wasn't mine.

"Uh, that's not ours," I said.

"Those are my groceries," said the skinny lady in line behind us on the cell phone.

My daughter put down the items embarassed and I probably embarassed her more. I'm a terrible mom too. And I'm not green either.

OK. My Blackberry is giving me issues. I'm thinking I may I need a new one. What do y'all think of the Curve?


Lucy Filet said...

On the color wheel, it's blue. So now you can say "I'm blue (da ba dee, da ba dah)":).

Lucy Filet said...

No actually it's red...sorry I'm just stupid.

(but it was funnier when I was stupid).

BagLady said...

Well, the lady behind you will get over it, happens all the time. Think of all the people that you made happy by getting out of line! Some cashiers will usually just ring you up- i've gotten away with it on purpose- hah! : )

Coco said...

OK...so what I do-
I carry my cloth bags in the car ALWAYS!! Otherwise, I'll never use them...

I have a "CURVE" blackbery...and I LOVE it!! : )

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