Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anniversary Week Amidst a Hurricane

So our anniversary is this Thursday and we still haven't thought of anything to do. And this is a big one too. Ten years. Did you know that that's the TIN and ALUMINUM Anniversary?? What the heck is that? My husband said he was going to get me some Reynold's Wrap. Then I saw somewhere else that the traditional 1o year is tin but that the modern one is DIAMOND. I think I want the modern one instead. Who cares if that was created by our modern greedy society? I want diamonds!! (hee hee) Actually you can find some really interesting tin or aluminum gifts on Uncommon Goods.

I think we may have dinner on Friday. That is if we aren't evacuated and/or the house isn't in shambles. Hurricane Dean may hit us on Wednesday, if it turns just a little and goes more North. As of now it's hitting southern Texas and Northern Mexico, after it passes through the Caribbean and the Yucatan Peninsula.

School starts next week and we did all the school shopping yesterday. My daughter, who we will call by her play name from now on, Magenta, has all her new uniforms, pants for when it gets cold, socks, shoes, etc.. The only thing missing is a jacket for winter, but we have plenty of time for that. It's so sweltering hot right now that she really didn't even need a sweater, but I bought her one since it goes with the whole uniform look and they may not have any later. I love uniforms! They are so cute, especially the pleated skorts. (I think play names are better for minor children.)

I need to get the baby, referred to from now by his play name, Rontu, a new backpack too so he feels special, even though he isn't getting all the new clothes and shoes.

Another thing we need to do this week, provided we don't get the hurricane, is an Ice Cream Social at Magenta's school. She starts FIRST grade this Fall. She's been looking forward to the Ice Cream Social because she gets to meet her teacher and visit her classroom. I do hope it isn't canceled!

The San Diego trip was really good work-wise. I had two very good sales calls. However, traveling is way more trouble than it is worth. I was so exhausted when I finally came home that it took me a whole other day just to recuperate. I really do prefer day trips that don't require any overnight stays. It's easier on everyone.

I was thinking about how much easier it must be for men to travel for work, especially if they have a stay at home wife. They just pack a bag and go. It takes a lot more out of a woman with a husband and children.

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