Friday, December 15, 2006

Mean People- Revised

One of my sisters says that people are inherently evil. My other sister recently told me I remind her of "Rebeca of Sunnybrook Farm" all naive about how mean people really are. I'm no saint believe me, and I know I can be really mean sometimes too, but usually only towards mean people.

But in general I know what she means. I like to believe that people are good first and I do tend to trust too much. I think that partly I am a nice person or a naive person but I think it's mainly by choice. I think I choose to ignore the evil in people because they are, well just too mean and ugly.

I've read other writer's blogs and I see where people post really mean comments or think that the writer meant something in a mean way. One famous author even has someone who does a parody of her blog entries. Imagine the time this person has on his or her hands! (The tone sounds like a guy or a masculine girl.) That takes time! Which proves what I've believed all along. It takes more energy to be mean or evil.

I've had a mean person cloud following me around lately. And that's considering I'm not superstitious!

Last week I had a run in with a crazy woman. One of those really paranoid ones who thinks the whole world is out to get her and usually they are rightfully paranoid because they are up to no good. She left me a long mean voicemail which I actually chose to ignore. No, I didn't ignore it. I left her a really sweet message back telling her, "no sweat!" and then I played it for two of my friends and we laughed at her. Thus one of the times I was mean back to someone mean. But even then I realized how much energy it took to laugh at her and tell the story so I only mentioned it for about 2 days and forgot about it.

This week I found out that someone who I thought didn't like me in fact does not like me. Well now I know and once again it took more energy to tell the story. I talked about it for one day but I'm done now.

The comment on my last post triggered this post. The brave comment from "anonymous." That's the other thing I've noticed about mean comments. They are always hidden behind "anonymous" or some fake alias.

There's a slight meanness to it, don't you think? Hmmm... Lisa Kogan has a great commentary on the opinion some people have regarding working moms in the January issue of "O Magazine." Or check out this great essay on having two jobs!§ion=Family&subsection=Parenting

I like the suggestion to sell my kids to the circus. That part IS funny. People are weird, mean, and funny. All rolled into one sometimes!

Enough! It'll just take too much energy to think about it. I'm much happier being nice most of the time and thinking that people are inherently good. Aren't you?

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