Thursday, December 07, 2006

Forward On

The really brave thing I was thinking of doing didn't pan out so I'm back to my original plan. Either sell my house and buy a new one OR build a garage apartment, move into it when it's finished, and then remodel my house completely all at once. I'm still leaning towards the first but it's so sad. I feel like the way you would when breaking up with someone. I really love the house and the location but it's never going to change. It makes me sad really! But I have to do what I have to do. I have to do what's best for my sanity.

I went driving around the near Heights yesterday when I missed my exit. I saw a gorgeous house exactly the way I would want my house to look. Unfortunately it also cost $210,000. That's the trade-off for living in the city. Then I think to myself, "But you already live in the city in a great location, close to 3 major freeways and the toll road." I tell you!! It's a hard break up!

Nothing much planned for the weekend. Trying to work out more often again. I've done pretty good the past few weeks but I have really sore arms today. I try to go for a little while after work but it's tough on the kids. They've been in school all day and they're tired too. But I figure it's only 1 hour that I could blow off at home really doing nothing and at least I'm being a really good example to them. I keep telling myself that. I keep telling myself a lot of things.


Coco said...

Moving?! It's such a difficult decision...
I, too, want to move but we need to wait a little longer 'til home prices come down. I live in the S.F. Bay Area where home prices are OUTRAGEOUS!

Glad to hear that you are still going to the gym : )

Have a wonderful weekend.

Take Care!

Suvii said...

Please don't ever move to CA b/c you'll be so depressed. You can't find anything here for $210,000. My house, which is considered to be in an affordable area, not in the SF Bay Area, cost almost double that, is almost 40 years old and only 1400 square feet! Depressing huh??? This is why I desperately want to leave CA. The house of my dreams costs well over $1 million and even with two good incomes, we simply can't afford it. I feel your frustations.

Suvii said...

Coco, where in the Bay Area do you live? I live in Stockton now, but lived in the Bay Area for many years!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Coco & Suvii, I KNOW! My sister lived in the LA/Burbank area for 20 years and now lives in San Diego. she tells me how crazy it is there and the Bay area is even worse. I don't know how normal people live there!