Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Theme?

I guess the unofficial theme of this blog is about me, a mother, wife and ad woman, trying to make it as a writer. These days I've blogged so much about the challenges as a working mom that I've started to wonder if that should be my official theme. Like I can give myself a subheading under "Shoegirl Corner." Something like, "The rants and raves of a mad mama!" By mad I mean crazy!

Today I got out of work and rushed to pick up Seth, then Miranda, then to Walgreens to pick up all of our prescriptions that I dropped off this morning. While in line my SUV's A/C decided to say goodbye. From there I rushed to the old sitter's house. She agreed to keep them and visit with them while I went to Seth's Open House. She is such a wonderful woman! She bathed them and fed Seth while they were there!

After dropping off the kids with her I rushed to switch cars with Rey. He's going to have to take the SUV into the shop tomorrow. I'm done with it. I told Rey I seriously want to buy a new car in the next week. We are thinking of a Scion. They are really good on gas.

I got out of Open House and picked up something for dinner then raced to pick the kids up. Rey worked late but was already home by now. We ate dinner hurriedly so we could start on Miranda's homework. Rey was a sweetheart and helped a lot! We got them to bed late but it was an unusually busy night, don't you agree?


Suvii said...

Your life sounds so much like mine!!!!! But I only have one active toddler to contend with! You are doing a great job and still managing to keep your sanity! God bless!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

How do we do it?? It's insane!