Sunday, September 10, 2006

Morning Coffee MySpace & Other Musings

Sunday morningish. OK, not really morning. More like noonish. I got up late. I woke up in a real "mama" mood and I made breakfast for everyone. Scrambled egg with cheese and Canadian bacon sandwich for husband, boiled eggs with lemon pepper for Miranda, boiled eggs for baby, and overeasy egg and Canadian bacon sandwich for me.

I have been denying myself of coffee all week. Only at home because I've had coffee at work some days. I haven't been denying myself on purpose. I have actually wanted coffee. The thing is that I forgot to buy creamer last time I went grocery shopping and I just like my vanilla coffee with vanilla creamer.

After a week without coffee I couldn't take it any longer. I made myself some coffee this morning and decided to take it con leche. I reasoned that I drink it like that at luncheons and events anyway. Which reminds me! I'm going to the Hispanic Chamber gala Saturday and I need to figure out what I should wear.

I have felt so out of touch with myself lately. I know that this is reality and this is just how it is now but I'm going through an adjustment period. By that I mean a period where I will need to get the routine of being a full time mom down and then figure out how I can incorporate my own life into it. How to fit in my own time and more importantly writing time into my day. I literally washed, folded, and put away clothes all weekend. Even now I have my last load in the dryer. Did I make time to write? No I did not. Did I make time for my microdermabrasion? No I did not. By the time I called to see if I could go in before they closed she was gone for the day.

One thing I did make time for is to sleep. The four of us have this chronic cough that I've had for 2 weeks and Seth has had even longer. He took the required antibiotics and finished them this past weekend but the cough is still there. We're starting to wonder if we have something more serious like bronchitis or walking pneumonia. The crazy part about it that we don't have any fever. Wouldn't we have fever if we were infectious? Weird.

Anywho, I was reading Alisa Valdes Rodriguez' blog a few weeks ago and she decided to move to MySpace in time for the release of her new young adult novel. I thought the idea was brilliant considering the audience she's trying to reach. I joined myspace close to a year ago maybe because it's the only way to communicate with my 17 year old niece, step-daughter and 25 year old nephew. Even our summer intern is on there religiously and if I want to contact her that's the way to do it.

The funny part of Alisa's post that she was moving was the reaction she received from everyone! It was hilarious! So many people are anti-myspace. I don't blame myspace for the kids who are plotting running away with cyber boyfriends and the like. I blame the parents. They are the ones that need to be all up in their kids' koolaid knowing what they are up to. Believe me, if my teenager had a myspace I would be a regular reader and subscriber to her blog. But we are all adults. What does it hurt to have a myspace sign on and to visit other myspace pages?

Now something to ponder. If you had the luxury of never working a 9 to 5 again for the rest of your life. Let's say, if you could write full time, what would you do? What would you enjoy or volunteer for that you don't usually have time for now? And I mean extra things, not counting the ministry, if you would be doing that. That's a given.

Here are my answers. Feel free to post your answers on my comments.

1. Volunteer at my daughter's school, either in the classroom or the library. (I swear I don't know how women go back to work when their kids start school! I would want to take time off instead!)

2. Volunteer with a literary group.

3. Go to more art exhibits and openings.

4. Go to more plays and film screenings.

5. Do arts and crafts!


Kaylor's Mama said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog yesterday and bookmarked you to check back in...and this morning saw your post about comments, so I thought I would comment! I'm a little intimidated since you are a "real" writer, but hey, what's to lose, right? I loved your post yesterday, especially about what you would do if you didn't have to "work." I would love to do all the things you listed, and more... My daughter is only 3, so she isn't in "school" yet, but I would love to volunteer when she starts! I would love to take in some community theatre type shows, as well as the big names... Take little road trips to quaint little towns, take pictures of EVERYTHING! I could go on and on. Maybe this is a good topic for a blog on my page...if you don't mind me "stealing" your idea...

Anonymous said...

OK, if I had the luxury of time, here's what I would do for myself:
Read more, attend every author/book reading, Go to more musicals, Read some more and garden!!! However, if I didn't work, I wouldn't have the money to do much of anything. Welcome to mama-hood!
PS - I havn't commented on your blog because I havn't had TIME!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Kaylor's Mom, Thanks so much for visiting and for thinking that I'm interesting enough for you to bookmark me. Go right ahead and share my idea for a post. That's what this blogging is all about. Post the question too and see what people answer.

Thanks for the comment Saadia! Love the list!

Anonymous said...

Interesting question! I couldn't help but respond! Besides spending more time in the ministry (this has always been a goal of mine). I would volunteer at my son's high school. I would volunteer my time by taking my elderly friends / family members to doctor visits / errands. I would take classes at HCCS on anything. I would spend more time scrapbooking pictures and taking pictures. I would love to ....should I keep going. There are so many things moms would like to do but don't have the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Loida, this is the first time I have responded to you, but here it is. I left my 9-5, but over 40 hours a week job in Marketing/PR in hospitals 5 years ago when Adele was born. I miss it, I cannot tell a lie, but I would not trade it in for any cool PR job. I went back to work after my first baby, Bryce turned 1 but Mom took care of him and I worked and she lived downtown so it was perfect. I always promised that I would come by the house and have lunch at least weekly, to see my baby that I could not tear myself from! Sadly, I rarely did. There was too much to do, since I was re structuring a hospital department and managing many people. Once lunch meeting after another. Work through lunch, I always said, and leave a bit early. I did but something always came up, and I found out I was pregnant with my second, and had to rush to finish my re structure before the due date. After Adele was born, and I had two babies in diapers (they are close in age) I wanted to, but could not tear myself away anymore. I made the tough choice to stay home. And, in relation to another entry you made on 9/11 and where were you on that day, I was waking up with my 1 week old daughter and we were watching morning TV when they broke the news about a plane heading to the towers, etc.
Since I left the workforce, I have missed the money but here is what we have done to pass the time, with never a dull moment and constantly staying busy:
We have Childrens Museum trips weekly, frequent the zoo, ride the zoo train (my boys love trains), did I mention have a third baby? We have gone to Aquariums in Houston and Lake Jackson, picnics, swimming at Noah's Ark, all kinds of classes (gym, ballet, etc), we do arts and crafts, we paint, I teach them to draw, library time, playdates with other Moms around the neighborhood. Now, I also volunteer at the school where my two oldest attend; and I am creating their yearbook thru the PTA, I attend night school. I was there for the biggest crisis of our family's life 1 1/2 years ago when my brother's cancer advanced and I took him everywhere (with kids of course)-Try shopping with toddlers, baby in stroller and a brother in an electronci buggy at the store! It's fun if you forget you'll be there an hour longer than normal. He passed away and I was available for my Mom who was devastaded. Still is. My husband took the biggest leap in his career and now owns his own CPA firm. And guess what? I am so behind him on this that I am the one who is in charge of his advertising/marketing and PR. I freelance from home and help self publishers with their book covers and layout. I just finished a book on Breast Cancer.And all this is a sample of what we do and where we go. I did not mention laundry, caring for 2 aging pups, and house stuff. I really do not know what I would do if I had to go back to work! I admire working Moms, because they DO make it work (all of the kids things and work). Hats off to you Mad Momma. Sometimes I think I should go back. But it has to be a hell of a job that will allow me to spend most of my time with the kids. I have never missed an illness (or escaped catching a cold), lost tooth, dentist or Dr appt, first everythings on lots of things, and my favorite is watching them grow mentally and emotionally. The things they pick up! That is why I don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon. Except to my husbands office 1x week. This is not for eveyone, I know. I did not think it was for me. People are really shocked when they find out I have kids. But I love it!!! This is my season to put my kids first (and hubby too) and see life the way they see it and teach them. Slowly, they are carving out their path in life, and I see them go off to school and I am no longer helping them 24/7, one day (sooner than I would like) I will be able to do my thing again. So yes, I have tons of fun with the kids. I miss our day trips b/c they are in school now. The baby is my travel buddy now. But I still have my writing group I belong to and I still go on dates with my husband. We just have have to plan more. We have fun. This is just what works for me.
I am a bit jealous, though--you travel a lot and I'd love to do that! Hang in there, you are doing a geat job!