Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm a Real Mama Now

For some reason now that the kids are in school I feel like a real mom. I know that sounds crazy but I do! It's weird.

When the kids went to the sitter's I could take them to her asleep and in pajamas. in the morning. She would feed them all day and I didn't have to pack food for them. The only thing I would provide was milk. She would bathe them for me every day and on my meeting nights she would dress them too. Miranda always had these great hairstyles! On ballet days she would make these great buns for her, not just regular buns, but little braids that made up a bun and stuff like that. I was spoiled.

This past Thursday it was a meeting night so I picked up the kids and rushed home to feed them dinner, bathe and dress them to make it to our meeting by 7:30. It was tough!! I was exhausted when it was all done. Other mothers have told me it will get better as I get accustomed to this new crazy schedule.

Now I'm one of those mothers that's wondering, "When do I have time for me?" I will have to make time for myself!

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