Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hello From Miami

Hello readers everywhere. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I had a crazy busy weekend with a wedding reception on Friday, Hispanic Chamber gala on Saturday and then preparing for this trip. This consisted of doing all the laundry so the kids could have clean clothes for school while I came here, doing some grocery shopping, and writing out all the reminders for my sister and Rey.

Wouldn't you know it though, Rey had a guy call in sick this week and his boss is out of town, so he is swamped at work. THEN right as I'm about to leave to the airport Rey calls to tell me that Miranda threw up at school and he has to go pick her up. He took her to work for a little while then took her to the old babysitter who is still our back-up. Amazing! This would have to happen the day I'm leaving, right?

I arrived in Miami this late afternoon, early evening for an AHAA conference. AHAA stands for Association of Hispanic Ad Agencies. I arrived just in time to freshen up for the evening welcome reception and then dinner with one of the ad agencies with whom we do business. It actually ended up being a bonus round because another agency rep joined us so I had dinner with two reps from my agencies in one sitting. It was really interesting hearing how these ladies got into the business.

Tomorrow is a full day of the conference, a short 3 hour break and then an evening reception. Thursday it's another full morning and I go to the airport after lunch to catch my flight home.

So a short trip but I hope to get some writing in while I'm here. I know! Miami is supposed to be this really cool party place but I'm just here for the conference and some time to write. No partying for this old viejita!


Anonymous said...

A wedding, the Hispanic Chamber gala, an adv conf in Miami. . . . your life is so glamorous, I want to be you when I grow up. Since you're a Pedro Almodovar fan, don't forget to check out "Viva Pedro!" a monthlong retrospective of his work at the Anjelika.

Adam Luis said...

Speaking of the "Viva Pedro!" retrospective, you have to fill us in on what to watch! My mom and I watched Talk To Her a few months back, and I guess that was a little rough for an introduction to Almodovar. We enjoyed it, but were slightly disturbed in the process, LOL.

Coco said...

"Viva Pedro!"...I want to go see his work!!

Talk to Her was "rough"?! This movie is "tame"...
compared to some of his others.

Enjoy Miami!!

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo.