Wednesday, January 25, 2006


My radio interview went great! My friend Angie did a really great job interviewing us. Mark from the Houston Institute for Culture was there too. The work that he does with his organization in Houston and in Mexico is awesome. I was really impressed with the research they've done with families in the shantytowns in the trash dumps of the border town of Reynosa.

I was also impressed to find out my information can be found on the Nuestra Palabra website at And from there there's also information on the reading at I was reading the biography for the other writer who is going to read with me. Her name is Rose Mary Salum and she is such an accomplished writer. I feel like a novice next to her! WOW! Read her bio on the Houston Culture website link.

I still haven't written about any of those topics I mentioned a few days ago. One of those subjects was Love's Baby Soft. Do any of you remember those commercials for that perfume in the 1980s? My little girl and I were shopping at Walgreens or some other drug store when we saw that perfume. She wanted it and it brought back such fond memories I agreed to buy it for her. It came with a body spray and a perfume so I gave her the body spray and I kept the perfume. Spraying that perfume on me every morning brings back so many great memories!

Memories of the '80s and wondering if I was going to "wan chung" tonight. What was wan chung anyway? I love the '80s but you all already know that. I'm so grateful that I had such a happy childhood and teen years. I would do them all over again in a heartbeat. Sigh!

OK enough reminiscing. Back to reality! It's almost 11:30 and I still need to take a shower and I need to pack the kids' bags for tomorrow.

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Sangroncito said...

Keep up the good work.
hugs, Sango