Saturday, January 21, 2006

Crazy Hair!

I fell for it again!!! I fell into the hairdresser's trap. The famous line of, "Let me just do this...." YIKES! I ended up with two tone hair.

First let me tell you my hair story. I dye my hair about every 5-10 years. My mother forbade me from dying my hair until I was grown and out of the house. So when I was 19 and in college I went to visit my sister in Palmdale, CA over the summer when my niece was born. I did a bad sun-in job on my hair, tanned every day at the pool, and ended up coming back from California with orange hair and bark brown skin. Yes bark, like a tree.

In my early twenties I did highlights. The hairdresser said she needed to bleach the highlights first and then dye them the color I wanted and I believed her. It looked okay the first couple of days but soon the highlights got lighter and lighter and I ended up with blond highlights. Not a great look for me!

In my late twenties I decided to try highlights again but I was so conservative about it because of the prior experience that the highlights were so subtle they were almost unnoticable.

So fast forward to my mid 30s. I've been getting my hair cut at this same shop for a while. I trust the lady because she's always cut my hair the way I ask her to. I've been seeing grey in my hair for the past few months and my hair is super fine and super oily. My sister told me she also has oily hair but that the oil is controlled because she's always dyes her hair. I thought I'd try the same approach.

I went to my regular shop and I told the lady what I wanted. She said she would dye it a color a little lighter than my color but that she'd also add this other color for effect. I believed her. I thought that the other color would look more like highlights. Wrong!

My hair is dark brown and red. I keep hoping that after a while it will fade out a little and won't be as noticable. I also need to ask my sister, the dye pro, how soon I can dye it again and I'll dye it all one color. We'll see....

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