Sunday, November 27, 2005

You've Got Mail

I just finished folding a bunch of laundry and I watched "You've Got Mail" as I did. I love that movie! I bought it a while back and I hadn't watched it yet, I mean since I've owned it because I've watched it plenty of times on cable. So it was a perfect movie to watch while I folded clothes.

I don't know why but I always always cry during that scene when Meg Ryan's character has to close the store and she stops at the door and remembers her mother and her twirling. I get so sentimental at that part. I also love the very end but I'm not going to say why in case you've never seen it.

That movie is so full of quotable lines. I love it when Meg Ryan tells Tom Hanks, "When someone says it's not personal all it means is that it's not personal to you."

Anyway, the laundry (at least the majority of it) has been done and I actually managed to fold it all and to put it up, all in the same 24 hour period. That has got to be a first! I'm a domestic goddess after all!

I'm also very proud to note that I made a lot of progress on Seth's baby book yesterday. I mean I got a lot done! So did my girlfriend who came over to work on her wedding album. I feel like such a nerd when I say I scrapbook and I don't know why. Scrapbooking and journaling around the photos is a lot like story telling.

Tomorrow is back to work and back to the usual. I am so ready for a change and I've only been doing this particular job for about 6 months. This is the last month of the year and I'm going to be expected to do a lot this last month to take us into next year. What joy!


Priscilla said...

I will have to see that movie..I dig romantic comedies. I've seen your comments on some blogs I frequent, and really like yours. That is great you are writing a novel..I love to read and would like to check yours out...BTW, I just got SMDL and can't wait to read it!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Amra, Isn't that a great feeling when you organize old photos?!

Priscilla, I love the red shoes on your blog! Wish you were in Houston so you could go to my reading in January.

Priscilla said...

Thanks chica! I will be moving soon...Dallas is up in the air, but CA is first choice. So when does your book come out? Do you have anything published right now? I would love to read your stuff! I hope to write a book someday...not sure when that day will come! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lu Soto said...

I recently rented that movie and i loved it! I didn't like the end when she walks to go meet Tom hanks and she walks into the street with no handbag, no keys nothing. Where did she hide her key?


ShoeGirl Corner said...

Priscilla, I recently published my first short story online at It's called "The Grapefruit" and it's on the front page under "Cultures." They'll be publishing an excerpt from my novel in progress soon too. They are the organization that is hosting my reading in January.